Lab Setup

Your Laboratory Setup is Our Priority

Thinking of adding a physician-owned laboratory to your practice?

As you know, adding a physician-owned lab to your practice for in-house testing can offer benefits for both your patients and business.

With the right expertise, your laboratory setup can be accomplished in a very cost-effective manner, and give you the specific laboratory needed to deliver these services within your practice.

Laboratory Setups for Physician-Owned Labs

In today’s fast-paced medical environment, physician-owned labs are operated as small businesses, and it can be difficult to balance patient care and the overall desired profitability of the practice. One way to increase this profitability, while improving patient outcomes, is to establish the right laboratory setup for a physician-owned lab. With the capabilities to process pathology in-house, the turnaround time and the ability to provide the highest level of quality possible are solely within your control. This means less time waiting on your patient’s results, faster treatment, and elimination of the chances of a specimen being lost in transit to an offsite lab.

With our expertise you can accomplish a very cost-effective laboratory setup that fits your needs. You’ll get the specific laboratory you need to deliver these services within your practice. Consulting with Medical Equipment Source, which specializes in laboratory setups, can help save you from costly errors.

Lab Configuration Success

The right laboratory setup and equipment is key to success. We will help you achieve the right lab for your practice. Partner with Medical Equipment Source to address these lab setup services:

  • Lab Setup Cost – We’ll help you create and stick to a realistic budget for the cost of your laboratory setup, whether that means finding the right lab equipment, the right lab layout or design or other setup requirements. We’ll also look at ways to decrease your lab setup costs.
  • Lab Equipment Setup – We’ll assess your lab equipment needs so that they maximize the right space and layout. We’ll also evaluate whether traditional laboratory furniture or portable lab furniture would be a good fit for the layout and design.
  • Lab Workflow  – After we have the setup configured and the equipment in place, we identify the ideal workflow to maximize efficiency.
  • Training – Hiring licensed trained laboratory technicians instead of training existing personnel is an important part of lab setup and increased profitability.
  • Documentation – Be sure to keep all your warranties, certifications and other documents in a safe and organized place.

Medical equipment leases

If no upfront outlay of cash is appealing to you, ask Medical Equipment Source about our leasing option. We offer an easy application process with optional terms of 3,4, or 5 year leases with a $1.00 buy out at the end of the term. Contact us for more information about our leasing program.

Medical Equipment Source: Your Lab Setup Consultants and Experts

What you don’t know can cost you. Partnering with us ensures you’ll have everything you need for your lab right from the start so it can run smoothly. Trying to do everything yourself, such as ordering the right equipment, setting up workflow and training, can cost you time and money.

We make lab setup simple.