Lab Consulting Services

Consulting Services for Histology Labs

Laboratories are what we do! Let us use our expertise to assist you in creating a highly functional and profitable laboratory for your office. We know what you need and how to avoid issues because of our 30+ years of experience building labs.  MES can manage your entire laboratory project for you. We provide layout, workflow, assistance with product selections, return on investment (ROI) calculations, and guidance with CLIA certification.

Our Credentials Say A Lot

Our work speaks for itself.  Working with MES will help you save money in the long run because we know what your lab needs to be successful.

30+ years experience
Certified technicians
Cost-effective solutions
Specializes in Labs
200+ Labs Set up
Women Owned

Lab Equipment Consulting

We have a staff of highly trained and qualified technicians with over 45 years of combined service experience. MES offers Preventative Maintenance (PM) Contracts, Services and Repair and Depot Services. We pride ourselves on being available and responsive to our customer’s service needs, be it on-site, depot service or technical phone support to handle your histopathology laboratory equipment needs.

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Training for MOHS Technicians

MES now offers everything you need for your Mohs laboratory including the ability to train your technicians. Be it at your lab or one of our classes, MES has an HT, Mohs Technician available to train your tech to process your Mohs specimens efficiently to give you high-quality sections for examination.

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