Top 4 Benefits of Preventative Maintenance For Your Lab

No one likes to pay for maintenance on anything we own, not our cars, air conditioners or even our laboratory equipment.  But, we do like when our things work well, especially laboratory instrumentation.  Here are the top 4 reasons to have preventative maintenance performed on your laboratory equipment.

  1. Patient Care – Having diagnostic equipment that is properly maintained decreases the chance of laboratory instrumentation failing and potentially impacting patient diagnostic results.
  2. Avoid High Repair Costs – If lab equipment is not properly maintained there is a higher probability of an equipment failure. Having a service call to repair a unit and replace parts can be costly and if it is an emergency call on a critical piece of laboratory equipment, there can be additional costs.
  3. Reduce Downtime – When preventative maintenance is performed by a qualified service technician on lab instruments, there is a 60% decrease in downtime.  Having lab equipment down decreases productivity and costs time and money.
  4. Prolong Lab Equipment Life – Properly maintained laboratory instrumentation will in most cases last longer.  Just like when you take care of your car, it usually lasts longer.  Given the price of lab equipment, keeping it maintained protects your investment.

Preventative maintenance is more than just keeping your lab equipment clean.  When a PM is conducted by a qualified service technician, wearable parts are changed, mechanical parts are lubricated, sensors are checked, the unit is tested against manufacturer’s specifications, etc.  This is much deeper and more advantageous to your laboratory instrumentation than simply wiping it down, although that is important as well.  The money spent on a preventative maintenance contract with a qualified medical service company can result in less downtime and less costly repairs; proving that PM’s are beneficial for your lab, your lab equipment and your wallet.

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