New Dakewe HP300 Tissue Processor

The HP300 Tissue Processor is a combination of a unique design, built-in intelligence and cutting-edge technology. Due to its unparalleled stability, smart management system and easy-to-use interface, the HP300 Tissue Processor is being used in hospitals, Physician-Owned Laboratories (POL), and research institutions.

HP300 Tissue Processor Details:


  • 300 Cassette Capacity (Optional 150 Capacity)
  • LCD Screen for easy programming and system monitoring
  • Automatic self-check of all go/stop functions when unit is on
  • Remote monitoring via facility Wi-Fi of your choosing
  • 4 types of cleaning modes: Quick, Standard,Warm Water and Fast Washing
  • Reagent management system
  • Heated retort and lid to remove any residual waste via vacuum into waste tray


DIMENSION (W x D x H) 24.13 x 27 x 52in.
Rate Power: AC220V ±10% 50/60HZ
Operating Temperature 10~40 °C
Storage Temperature -10 ~65 °C
Storage of Relative Humidity30~95%
Number of Reagent Bottles10
Clean Bottles:3
Condensate Bottles 1
Paraffin Recycle Bottles 1
Number of paraffin bath(s):3
Paraffin Volume(s):4.2L
Number of Paraffin Baths(L): 5.6L
Capacity: 300 Cassettes Maximum
Basket Capacity:2
Impregnation Vacuum:0 to-60kPa, Adjustable
Impregnation Pressure:0 to 60 kPa, Adjustable