New SS-30 Slide Stainer

MES Exclusive Line

The MYR SS-30 is the perfect instrument for routine and special staining protocols in histology and cytology labs.

With multi-staining capability, this allows simultaneous and automatic staining of various 30-slide racks with identical or different staining protocols.

The real-time display continuously shows the status of each staining protocol.

SS-30 Slide Stainer Details:


  • Simultaneous performance of up to 5 different staining protocols
  • Stores up to 20 programs, each with up to 50 steps
  • Real-time display


Processing capacity

Up to 5 racks at a time, depending on the
programs, load frequency and device

Slide rack capacity 30 slides
Number of programs Up to 20 programs with max. 50 steps each
Immersion time From 1 s to 59 m 59 s per step
Agitation system Independently programmable for each station
Selectable parameters Number, speed and amplitude of dips
Drain function Minimizes reagent carryover
Number of stations 20 vessels with individual lid
Reagent stations Maximum 18
Unloading stations Up to 3 (2 if drying station is available)
Drying station 1 (available only in SS-30H)
Drying station temperature 30 to 70ºC
Reagent stations capacity 300 ml
Fume extraction system Charcoal filter
Battery life 2 hours (lithium-ion batteries)
Only batteries approved by the manufacturer
are permitted to be used
Length 1.200 mm
Width 440 mm
Height 368 mm
Weight 55 kg