New DP360 Automated Stainer

MES Exclusive Line

The DP360 is a high throughput, user-friendly automated slide stainer. This efficient, advanced stainer offers remote monitoring allowing you more control of your stainer and enhanced productivity. 

DP360 Automated Stainer Details:


  • High speed throughput
  • Minimal cross contamination with the use of a hydrophobic slide carrier
  • Multiple Programs can operate simultaneously
  • High priority feature to place an emergency batch ahead of the queue
  • 4 heated reagent positions
  • Exhaust fume monitoring for laboratory safety
  • High capacity absorption charcoal filter
  • Hybrid high speed stepper motor with optimal sensors for precision movements
  • Realtime remote monitoring ability via network
  • Intelligent program compensation for reagent consumption
  • Automatic report generation for quality control and compliance
  • Upgrade without modification to accept an automated coverslip machine


Rated Voltagea.c. 110/220V ± 10%
Rated Power50/60Hz
Max Power Consumption 800 VA
Working Temperature+15 °C to 40 °C
Dimensions (L x W x H)1066 x 700 x630mm, ±5%
Total Station 26
Slide Capacity30 – slides/basket
Reagent Container480 ± 20 mL
Protocol Storage >1010