3 Ways to Decrease Your Lab Start-up Costs

Laboratory setup and maintenance costs can sometimes be overwhelming and owners are often looking for ways to stretch their budgets. Here are three ways that may help you decrease those lab start-up costs.

Use Existing Space

Laboratories can fit into smaller room sizes if the layout is done properly. Demolition isn’t always necessary to make a lab work. There are times when more than one room may have to be utilized, but if the workflow is segmented correctly, this can work. Yes, a sink is necessary, but most practices have a space with a sink in it that can be utilized.

If you are concerned about the cost of cabinetry/case work that would have to be installed, did you know that there are other options? Medical Equipment Source carries laboratory grade Free Standing, adjustable height, lab tables with chemical resistant countertops. These units can be purchased in multiple lengths and configurations with or without overhead cabinets or shelves. These tables are a great option since they can offer flexible workflows for your space. Still want to go more economical? MES has laboratory grade Free-Standing stainless-steel tables available to fit your lab.

Bulk Buying

Think about purchasing your lab non-perishables in bulk from the same vendor. Vendors are often able to brokerage lower bulk pricing for loyal customers and can even work with you on storage solutions if you don’t want to store a lot of inventory. Ordering in bulk can also save on delivery costs.

Bulk buying reduces the cost per unit and can reduce how much you pay in the long run on supplies. Also shop around from your usual suppliers to make sure you are getting the lowest price possible.

Also consider which products you can buy that aren’t brand-name. Your vendor should be able to work with you re-evaluate whether to switch to lower-cost, clinically equivalent products where applicable and acceptable.

Remanufactured Equipment

Remanufactured equipment is a great way to make your lab state of the art while saving money but it is also important to work with a reliable company that has a good reputation.

Remanufactured lab equipment retailers can often deliver their products faster, often within days, while ordering new equipment can require months before delivery. Trusted remanufactured providers frequently offer warranties on all of their products to ensure any malfunctions are not a result of overlooked pre-existing conditions during remanufacturing.

Another positive value when choosing remanufactured over new equipment is environmental footprint. By partially or fully furnishing a lab with remanufactured equipment, you have helped to minimize the impact on the environment and possibly saved landfill space. Many manufacturers sell equipment that is still offering the exact same energy efficiency and sustainability without the need for new production and consumption, while also at a lower price.

Medical Equipment Source’s remanufacturing standard operating procedures are comprised of a mechanical, electrical and aesthetic process to provide the highest quality histopathology laboratory equipment. We fully test and conduct a QC process on each unit to ensure that all equipment meets and/or exceeds manufacturer’s specifications. All equipment comes with a warranty.

About MES

Since 2002, Medical Equipment Source has been providing laboratory equipment services to private practices and independent laboratories across the country and the world.

From lab set-ups to equipment maintenance to consulting contracts, Medical Equipment Source provides a complete range of solutions to physicians and practice managers looking to grow their business by offering their own in-house lab services. Medical Equipment Source provides help with lab and exam room furnishings; lab equipment and layout; consumables; repair services and more.

Today, Medical Equipment Source is an authority in the physician-owned lab market, with clients in 49 states and 30 countries. Those clients range from physicians who have launched their own labs to lab technicians who have built their own space.

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“They didn’t judge my incredibly small budget but instead helped me get my start,”

says Heather, who started working with MES when she first opened her California lab.

“I’ve been in business for 10 years thanks to that.”

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