Remanufactured Microm HM 355 S3 Automated Microtome

The remanufactured Microm HM355S3 Automated Microtome offers the convenience and ease of automation to microtomy.  With a cutting thickness range of 0.5 to 100 microns and a trimming thickness range of 5 to 500 microns you have flexibility to meet the needs of any specimen.

  • Rocking option is included allowing the specimen head to advance by a set amount for trimming without full handwheel rotations
  • Disposable blade holder
  • 28mm total specimen advance

Remanufactured vs Refurbished Lab Equipment

Remanufactured lab equipment is a great way to save money because by the end of the process, the unit fulfills the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) specifications. During the remanufacturing process, the unit is inspected, and then all of the wearable parts are replaced, cleaned, and reassembled. Learn more about Remanufactured vs Refurbished Lab Equipment »



Dimensions (W x D x H)

16" x 20.5" x 11"


77 lbs