Refurbished Histology Equipment vs Used and Remanufactured, What’s The Difference?

Refurbished Histology Equipment

Refurbished histology equipment is used histology equipment that has been tested for functionality before being resold to the public. A typical refurbishment process includes: assessing any missing or damaged components on the unit, cleaning the unit, replacing the missing/damaged components, and then testing the unit to ensure functionality. Refurbished histology equipment tends to be sold with no warranty, a 6-month warranty, or rarely 1-year warranty. While refurbished histology equipment is a better bet than purchasing used lab equipment, it still does not go as far as the remanufacturing process in ensuring you receive high-quality, OEM-standard histology equipment.

Used Histology Equipment

Used histology equipment is histology equipment that has been previously used as a demo unit, in a laboratory or similar facility. This histology equipment often becomes available as used lab equipment from a laboratory that is closing or looking to upgrade their current equipment. The histology lab will either manage the sale of their laboratory equipment themselves or have an auction house procure the sale on their behalf. While used histology equipment can certainly be a more economical option, you should be aware of the risks of purchasing it for immediate use in your lab. Although a seller may clean up the instrument and claim it is working, there is no guarantee that the unit is functioning to the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) specifications. Also, there is no warranty provided.

Remanufactured Histology Equipment

Remanufactured histology equipment is different than refurbished and used equipment. Remanufacturing is a complex process that requires a piece of equipment be completely disassembled in order to assess its condition. Once the unit is disassembled, all wearable components are replaced whether they need to be or not. This is another point of differentiation from a refurbished unit where only the broken or non-functioning components are replaced. Continuing with the remanufacturing process, the unit is then cleaned internally and externally, mechanical/electrical components are redone including board-level remanufacturing, and once reassembled, the unit is thoroughly tested to make sure it is fully functioning to OEM specifications. Remanufactured histology equipment comes with a 1-year warranty which is the same warranty length that the OEM provides.

Remanufactured is better for your lab

Not only does remanufactured equipment provide your lab with the highest standard of histology equipment, but purchasing it has tremendous environmental benefits. By remanufacturing used equipment, this equipment is saved from ending up in landfills. Additionally, energy is conserved and greenhouse gases are reduced since less new equipment needs to be produced.

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