Why is preventive maintenance important in the laboratory?

Preventative maintenance is critical to the performance and longevity of your laboratory equipment. Just like your car needs an oil change, your laboratory equipment needs preventative maintenance contracts. Driving a car without getting routine oil changes would hinder performance and reduce the life of your vehicle. The same is true about operating laboratory equipment without routine preventative maintenance.

Periodic maintenance for clinical labs

You might not think PM has a huge impact on your lab’s efficiency and profitability but we disagree. There are a few things that preventative maintenance contracts can do to impact your lab’s bottom line.

Reducing Equipment Downtime

We highly recommend getting your equipment PM’d once a year to avoid downtime. Downtime is costly for your laboratory, patients, and staff. Regular preventative maintenance has been proven to lead to as much as a 60% reduction in downtime.

Enhanced lab equipment performance

Not only do regular PM’s reduce downtime, but they also enhance the overall performance of your laboratory equipment. Preventative maintenance keeps your equipment in excellent condition, which enables it to achieve the highest quality results for your clinical or research lab.

Saves Time & Money 

Laboratory reventative maintenance may have an upfront cost, but in the long term it is worth it. Since PM’s reduce downtime and allow for enhanced performance, you will save time and money over the long term. Lab equipment is a significant capital investment. Across the industry, the cost of medical technology continues to rise. Routine maintenance for your laboratory equipment can help avoid costly major repairs and premature replacement.

Contract maintenance for labs

Our experienced technicians are ready to assist your lab. We work on all major makes, models, and generations of histology equipment and microscopes. We plan, setup, and implement the PM around your schedule to decrease downtime. Every aspect of your equipment is thoroughly inspected. Contact us today about our preventative maintenance contracts.

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