Slide Stainer and Glass Coverslipper System

MES Exclusive Line

Introducing SC2000 Slide Stainer and Glass Coverslipper System. This easy to use state of the art Stainer + Coverslipper system standard with the following features:

  • Seamless combination of the DP360 Automated Staining System with the CS500 Automated Glass Coverslipper
  • Priority loading stations
  • Automated transfer of slides between Stainer and cover slipper
  • DP360
  • Multiple programs can operate simultaneously
  • High priority feature to place an emergency batch ahead of the queue
  • 4 heated reagent positions
  • Intelligent program compensation for reagent consumption
  • Automatic report generation for quality control compliance
  • CS500
  • Sensor controlled mountant dispensing
  • 500 slides/hour output
  • Self-cleaning pipelines to ensure no blockages
  • Auto-detector with alarm for broken coverslips

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