Remanufactured Products in a Global Economy

The Integrated Global Economy Has Never Been More Evident

The global pandemic has been challenging on a personal and professional level; however, it has taught us a few things as well. One lesson learned is that we truly live in an integrated and complex global economy. Currently, all businesses are looking to cut costs any way they can. Shutdowns have occurred worldwide and businesses everywhere have been impacted. Businesses, of all types, are seeking avenues to reduce their overhead and increase their margins, including laboratories. Paying less to acquire goods is one way to accomplish this. Seeking truly remanufactured products reduces expenses while increasing productivity.

Remanufactured versus Refurbished

Remanufacturing is defined as the rebuilding of products to manufacturer specifications, replacing parts that are malfunctioning as well as parts that are worn, or known to wear, making sure the unit performs to the specifications and cosmetically repairing the item. Refurbishing is simply the reselling of a product that has been repaired, so only the “broken” parts have been replaced. The unit may or may not perform to manufacturer specifications. Think of it as the difference between buying a certified pre-owned car and a used car. Both can offer value; however, depending on your industry remanufacturing is preferred especially in the laboratory space.

MES Remanufactured Equipment is featured in over 30 Countries Worldwide Medical Equipment Source, LLC (MES) has been remanufacturing Histology equipment for close to two decades. MES has found that the value of remanufactured Histology laboratory equipment resonates with customers worldwide. MES has sold to laboratories in over 30 different countries. There are areas globally that seek lower cost laboratory equipment, not just during trying times, but on a regular basis. MES has several repeat global customers that continually seek the value of quality remanufactured histology equipment. By expanding your offerings to a global audience, you expand your customers.

Creating a Win-Win Scenario

Now more than ever, it is evident that our lives are interconnected globally; therefore, so should our businesses be connected globally. By offering quality remanufactured Histology laboratory equipment to laboratories all over the world, MES has created a win, win scenario where the laboratory gets high quality remanufactured histology equipment at a fair price below the cost of new and Medical Equipment Source, LLC expands their client base. Consider if there are value-based, high quality remanufactured equipment that may be right for your laboratory no matter where in the world you are located. Medical Equipment Source, LLC is here to serve, supply and support your laboratory globally.

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