Lab Construction or Renovation

Interested in starting or renovating a laboratory? Over time, changes in workflow, process, or technology can render older lab space outdated. If you’re considering starting your own lab or renovating your current lab, here are the top three misconceptions most practitioners have about these undertakings.

I need a large space

Laboratories can fit into smaller room sizes if the layout is done properly.  There are times when more than one room may have to be utilized, but if the workflow is segmented correctly, this can work. Yes, a sink is necessary, but most practices have a space with a sink in it that can be utilized.

Think about designing your lab with modular workstations which allow for multiple configurations. This forward-thinking design trend can save time and money in the long run.

I will need to have major construction

You can do a no-demolition lab. First, identify what you want to get out of your redesign. Good planning can reduce construction time, and most importantly, downtime.

Again, consider the design of the lab and try to do the construction in phases where your work can still continue and can be shifted to the areas where construction is not occurring.

I will have to install cabinetry and countertops

If you are concerned about the cost of cabinetry/case work that would have to be installed, did you know that there are other options? Medical Equipment Source carries laboratory-grade free-standing, adjustable height lab tables with chemical-resistant countertops. These units can be purchased in multiple lengths and configurations with or without overhead cabinets or shelves. These tables are a great option since they can offer flexible workflows for your space. Still want to go more economical? MES has laboratory-grade, free-standing stainless steel tables available to fit your lab.

Starting or renovating a lab economically is always the goal so that you maximize your return on investment. Helping make your lab efficient, cost effective and functional is what Medical Equipment Source does. Contact us for options and ideas.

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