New CS500 Automated Coverslipper

MES Exclusive Line

The CS500 is a user-friendly automated glass coverslipper that produces slides with excellent optical quality. The CS500 can be integrated with the DP360 to offer a fully automated staining process – enhancing overall lab productivity. Comes with a two warranty.

CS500 Automated Coverslipper Details:


  • 500 slides/hour out put
  • Touch Screen display
  • Sensor controlled mountant dispensing
  • Self-cleaning pipelines to ensure no blockages
  • Auto – detector with alarm for broken coverslips
  • Automatic and manual loading mode


Rated Voltagea.c. 90V -24OV ± 10%
Rated Power50Hz
Dimensions (L x W x H)661 x 726x 627 mm, ± 5%
Slide Input 90 Slides
Slide Output 90 Slides
Cover Slip Capacity200 Slides
Mounting Media Volume 250 mL