Connecting to our customers

Here at Medical Equipment Source, we are glad to have this platform to be more engaged with our customers. We will be posting a blog a couple of times a month to discuss topics that we hope are relevant to your organization and perhaps you personally as well.

Challenging Times

We are going through challenging times both professionally and personally. Running a business has never been more difficult. As business owners or managers of a business, you must be aware of your market, but when the market is continually changing, literally daily at times lately, this can be almost unmanageable. How do we make decisions when the environment and data keep shifting? What do we base our next moves on? For me knowing the capabilities of our organization and the skills of our employees is key. It is the businesses that can quickly adapt to the changes that are occurring that will survive. Take an assessment of skills everyone possesses in your organization. Think of the problems your customers or even just the market in general are experiencing. How can your organization use the skills that your employees have to solve the problems that customers are having? Think outside of your normal offerings as well. You may not have offered these products or services before, but if you have the skills to do so, go for it!

How MES can help

Here at Medical Equipment Source, we are using are knowledge and skills to branch out as well. With on staff laboratory technicians in a wide variety of fields, we are supplying all types of laboratory equipment. Our bio medical technicians can fix a wide array of instruments, so we are taking items that we normally did not concentrate on and performing preventative maintenance and service on those.

We are carrying more accessory and consumable items to be a more complete solution for our customers and simplify their purchasing. We are offering sanitizer, UV disinfection systems and PPE to our local business community to support their efforts to re-open and keep their staff and customers safe.

Change is never easy.

It is an uncomfortable process, but through this discomfort, we can grow our businesses and perhaps even ourselves as business leaders and come out of the current situation stronger.

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