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Medical Equipment Source provides a complete solution if you are looking to set up a new Mohs or Anatomical Pathology Laboratory. Our comprehensive approach makes the process streamlined and easy, allowing you to concentrate on the needs of your organization while we take care of your lab. Physician-Owned laboratories, Reference laboratories, Hospital, University, Pharmaceutical, Industrial and Veterinary laboratories are in our repertoire. MES will work within your budget and space to create a laboratory tailored to your specific needs.

Laboratory Setup

Medical Equipment Source offers everything you need for your laboratory all in one place.  From your consumables, chemicals and equipment to your lab furnishings, technical support and service, all can be achieved with one point of contact. Let MES take care of all your laboratory needs allowing you to concentrate on patients.

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Lab Consulting

Lab is what we do!  Let us use our expertise to assist you in creating a highly functional and profitable laboratory for your office. Medical Equipment Source can manage your entire laboratory project for you. We provide layout, workflow, assistance with product selections, return on investment (ROI) calculations and guidance with CLIA certification.

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Lab Furniture

Selecting the proper lab furnishings is an important part of a laboratory and one that is often taken too lightly.  Having the right dimensions, stability, durability and type of lab furnishings is key to your equipment working at its best, your workflow and your ROI. Medical Equipment Source offers traditional casework furnishings, custom free-standing laboratory grade furnishings as well as a low-cost line of stainless-steel tables.  Whatever your budget or style may be, allow us to help you find the best laboratory furnishings option for you.

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Training for MOHS Technicians

Medical Equipment Source now offers everything you need for your Mohs laboratory including the ability to train your technicians. Be it at your lab or one of our classes, MES has an HT, Mohs Technician available to train your tech to process your Mohs specimens efficiently to give you high-quality sections for examination.

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