Furnishings & Consumables

Lab Furnishings

Medical Equipment Source supplies laboratory casework and free-standing laboratory furnishings available in numerous configurations with countless options. Our quality laboratory furnishings can be custom designed and made to meet each laboratory’s unique needs and budget. Ask us about the advantages of our free-standing laboratory furnishings.


Medical Equipment Source can supply your laboratory with reagents, consumables and any ancillary equipment/instruments that you may need.

Consumables We Sell

Chemicals/Reagents for Testing/Processing
Reagents for Maintenance
Test Kits
Staining Supplies
Testing Supplies
Slide/Cassette labels
Cover Film

Coverslips/ Coverglass
Mounting Medium
Cryo Mounting Medium
Microtome Blades
Processing Cassette Baskets
Paraffin Trimmers
Mohs Marking/Dye Kits
Specimen Disks

Specimen Disks Holders
Slide Folders/Mailers
General Lab Supplies
Slide and Cassette Storage
Eye Wash
Laboratory Protective Supplies
Safety Supplies

Looking to build, furnish or update your lab? We can help!