High-quality equipment is the key to any laboratory producing quality results. Whatever your budget, Medical Equipment Source has what you need, new or remanufactured warrantied equipment. Our technically trained representatives will assist you in your selection process to ensure that your equipment meets your needs. Medical Equipment Source also provides installation, training and continued technical support on histology/pathology laboratory equipment. Medical Equipment Source also purchases used or retired equipment. If you have equipment that you are no longer using in your facility, please contact us.

New Equipment

Medical Equipment Source has forged partnerships with several manufacturers and can provide new laboratory instrumentation to support your laboratory equipment needs. All equipment comes with a warranty. We are also the exclusive distributors of the MES-1000 cryostat, MES-800 microtome, HP300 Tissue processor, DP360 Automated Slide Stainer, CS500 Glass Coverslipper, and the SC2000 Staining/Coverslipper System.

Remanufactured Equipment

Due to tight budgets and cost restrictions, labs are challenged to find ways to get the equipment they need to optimize and run their laboratories as efficiently as possible. Remanufactured equipment is a great way to make your lab state of the art while saving money. Medical Equipment Source’s remanufacturing standard operating procedures are comprised of a mechanical, electrical and aesthetic process to provide the highest quality histopathology laboratory equipment. We fully test and conduct a QC process on each unit to ensure that all equipment meets and/or exceeds manufacturer’s specifications. All equipment comes with a warranty.


If no upfront outlay of cash is appealing to you, ask Medical Equipment Source about our leasing option. We offer an easy application process with optional terms of 3,4, or 5 year leases with a $1.00 buy out at the end of the term. Contact us for more information about our leasing program.

Equipment We Sell

Battery Backup Systems
Microwave Processors
Embedding Systems
Manual Staining Systems
Linear Stainers
Automated Stainers

Staining/Coverslipping Automated System
Tape Coverslippers
Glass Coverslippers
IHC Stainers
Slide/Cassette Labelers

Water Baths
Paraffin Dispensers
Flammable Cabinets
Grossing Stations

Looking to build, furnish or update your lab? We can help!