5 Things to Consider when Purchasing Laboratory Equipment Internationally

Increase In Independent International Pathology Labs

Healthcare around the world varies greatly. Some countries have national healthcare run by their government while other countries have a mixed model of government and private insurance. However, no matter the country, there is almost always the option of private pay. There has been an increase in independent laboratory testing facilities around the globe to help satisfy the option for private pay facilities. The Caribbean, which draws in residents from around the world, is no different. Medical Equipment Source (MES) has seen an increase in requests for pathology laboratory equipment, especially histology laboratory equipment, in several Caribbean countries.

5 Things to Consider

MES has been fortunate to have several clients in the Caribbean Countries that have set up independent histology labs. There are several things that need to be considered when setting up an independent international pathology laboratory.  Here are the top 5 things to consider when selecting remanufactured equipment to purchase internationally.

(1) Price and Quality Are Not the Same

The lowest purchase price may not be the way to go. It is important to make sure that the price is for remanufactured equipment versus refurbished equipment. Know what you are paying for! Remanufactured equipment has wearable parts changed and meets manufacturer’s specifications whereas refurbished equipment only has “broken” parts switched. The better value may be the higher priced unit that has been remanufactured.

(2) Ease of Use

Complex machines that need extensive training are usually not a good idea. To prevent issues, make sure that your tech has familiarity with the unit you intend to purchase or that it is easy to operate and will not need additional training.

(3) Post-sale Support

Any technical unit comes with user questions. Be sure to purchase from a company that can offer you technical support around the clock so that help is there for your tech when they need it.

(4) Serviceability of the Equipment

Depending on where your laboratory is located, there may not be service technicians readily available. Make sure that your unit is one where with technical support your staff may be able to rectify the problem.

(5) Parts

Work with a reputable medical equipment provider that stocks parts, can send you parts promptly, and has sold you a piece of equipment with parts available or at least disclosed the status of parts for the laboratory equipment you are purchasing.

Servicing All Aspects of Your Lab

Medical Equipment Source has been able to assist customers in Caribbean countries, not only with their equipment needs, but also with their consumable needs. Servicing all aspects of pathology and histology laboratories, no matter where they are located, has been something that MES has been doing for decades. Medical Equipment Source has helped our laboratory customers with these decisions and post installation technical support,



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