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    OEMs make the equipment, Medical Equipment Source makes the difference.

 Studies show that 60% of instrument failures can be traced to a single cause – lack of preventative maintenance. Studies also show that failure rates decrease by up to 25% for all mechanical systems when a laboratory implements a preventative maintenance program.

Medical Equipment Source’s Trademark PM program was developed to increase up-time, decrease service costs and maximize productivity in your Lab.

Why you need a PM (Preventative Maintenance) Program.

The equipment and machines used for production are your laboratory’s lifeblood, so it’s important to keep them up and running. Waiting until a piece of equipment shows signs of trouble can seriously impact production, and in turn, your bottom line.  Like your own health, prevention is key.

Why Medical Equipment Source’s (MES) PM Approach Works

Instead of taking a reactive approach to equipment maintenance, i.e. waiting for something to break before you maintain it, MES preventive maintenance plans allow you to take a proactive approach. If the right team checks your equipment on a regular basis, you are more likely to catch small things and repair them before they become larger issues later. MES Preventive Maintenance lowers the chances of losing productivity due to a malfunctioning or broken piece of equipment. And the longer you can keep your equipment functioning on a continuous basis, the more productive your business can be.  Our years of experience remanufacturing equipment gives us an in-depth, holistic knowledge-base for diagnostics and solutions.

Let us focus on your equipment, so you can focus on excellent outcomes.  Contact us at 888-633-5849 and ask for our Trademark Planned Preventative Maintenance Program.

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Setting the Gold Standard

“Thanks again for your wonderful customer service ad excellent products. I believe you are a “small” company too (don’t know for sure), but you deliver like a large one. I have used him multiple times. Very reasonable and reliable.”
Diane Cojita
“Medical Equipment Source is a company that is committed to customer loyalty. Fair quotations for repairs. They have an efficient and friendly staff that is directed by the integrity of the owners, Luigi and Wendy Mascio.”
Gloria Limetti – Manager of the Balaban Lab – University of Pittsburgh
“The quality superior, warranties good. Any questions or concerns with the equipment we purchased have been addressed immediately with a solution right away. Friendly company! If Medical Equipment Source did not have a piece of equipment we were looking for they matched us up with a quality piece.”
Dave Hodge – Tox Path Specialties
“I really can’t tell you how pleased I am with my equipment.  I never thought I would have anything this nice starting out.  Thank you so much and I look forward to using your company in the future.”
Heather Marlatt, Nationwide Histology

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OEMs make the equipment, Medical Equipment Source makes the difference.

“A great big thank you to the entire staff at Medical Equipment Source! You are a high caliber organization that goes above and beyond to take care of the customer. You helped us throughout the entire process and accommodated every one of our requests. You were an instrumental part in our new lab being a success and I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate you guys. I look forward to working with all of you again in the future.”
-Carlos Hernandez, Lab Manager, Lake Loveland Dermatology

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